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All in one debt collections and
recovery software

Streamline and optimize the entire
recovery process with one platform

A one-to-many solution

A fully integrated platform that aggregates, standardizes, and enriches data from disparate sources for seamless management, monitoring, and measurement of recovery performance and compliance.

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With EQ Collect the entire debt recovery process can now be managed with a single solution

EQ Collect features - EQ Collect is a robust SaaS central platform for debt collections. A one stop solution that streamlines debt recovery management.

Explore the key features of EQ Collect

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EQ Collect Demo - Self-guided demo into EQ Collect, a central platform for debt collection management

Key features that you may not find elsewhere


Configurable workflow automation

Cloud native

Secure and scalable 


Data-driven decision engine


Format agnostic batch & API data exchange


Build, optimize, & automate strategies


Rich insights in near-real-time


Integrated network of turn-key service providers

Embedded Compliance

Automated compliance monitoring and embedded controls


Lifecycle document and media management

Benefits from EQ Collect - EQ Collect brings profitable benefits to lenders, Fintechs, debt buyers and collection agencies

Key benefits of EQ Collect

Improve collections and efficiencies with data-driven strategies
Unlock optionality with a turn-key multi-channel servicing network
Minimize execution errors and resources with automated workflows
Unrivaled transparency and insights with near real-time reporting
Greater performance & compliance oversight with automated monitoring
Safe and scalable cloud native architecture

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